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微软上线奖励计划 鼓励用户使用必应搜索‘开云官方下载’
发布时间:2024-06-05 19:24
本文摘要:Microsoft Rewards has launched in the UK, and aims to tempt more people over to Bing.“微软公司奖励”计划早已在英国发售,目的更有更加多人用于合于搜索引擎。

Microsoft Rewards has launched in the UK, and aims to tempt more people over to Bing.“微软公司奖励”计划早已在英国发售,目的更有更加多人用于合于搜索引擎。It’s the company’s latest attempt to poach Google’s users, and arguably the most desperate so far.这是该公司更有谷歌用户的近期尝试,也可以说道是迄今为止最“不顾一切”的措施。Microsoft will reward you for using the Bing search engine, with points you can exchange for a number of freebies.用于合于搜索引擎不会获得微软公司的奖励,你可以用于取得的奖励分数外币一些免费赠品。

You’ll need to be signed into Bing with your Microsoft account, in order to earn points.你必须用你的微软公司账户登岸合于,以赚分数。Each Bing search will get you three points, but this will be doubled if you’re also using Edge, Microsoft’s answer to Google Chrome.每次用于合于搜寻,你就不会获得三分,但是如果你还用于Edge浏览器的话,分数将不会翻番,Edge是微软公司对付谷歌Chrome的浏览器。‘Level 1’ users can earn up to 60 points per day, simply by searching for 10 things through Bing.“一级”用户每天最多可以赚60分,只需通过合于搜寻10次才可。

If you manage to reach 500 points in a month, you’ll become a ‘Level 2’ member, and will be able to earn up to 150 points per day through search.如果你能在一个月内获得500分,你就不会沦为“二级”会员,之后通过搜寻,你每天可以赚最少150分。“The search limit resets every day, so you can start earning again tomorrow.”“搜寻次数容许每天重置,这样你就可以在第二天新的开始赚分数。

”You can get your hands on extra points by taking quizzes at Microsoft Rewards, though you’ll have to sign up for an account first.你可以通过参与“微软公司奖励”的小测验活动来取得额外的分数,不过你必需再行登记一个账户。You can exchange those points for a selection of prizes, such as an Xbox Live Gold Membership that usually costs £9.99 (6,000 points), a one-month Groove Music Pass that usually costs £8.99 (9,500 points) and a 12-month Groove Music Pass (110,000 points, or 99,900 for Level 2 members).你可以利用这些分数外币奖品,比如用于6000分数外币价值9.99英镑的Xbox Live黄金会员;用于9500分数外币价值8.99英镑的为期一个月的Groove Music Pass订阅者服务;或者用于11万分数外币为期一年的Groove Music Pass订阅者服务(二级用户只需99900分数)。In 2012, Microsoft launched the ‘Bing It On’ challenge, which displays Bing search results and Google search results side-by-side and invites users to blindly choose which set they prefer.2012年,微软公司发售了“合于挑战”活动,将合于搜寻结果和谷歌搜寻结果两边表明,并邀用户盲测,自由选择自己指出最失望的结果。